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Case Study Contest.


You can be our next case study. Enter your business website for a drawing to receive a complimentary advertising / case study today.

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What small businesses do you work with?

Here at SMA Brothers, we love building websites for many business categories. Join our family of small business heroes today.

Is a case study
​like a testimonial?

It is similar. A case study is an analysis of the money spent on advertising and the return on that investment. We are looking for more case studies.

This program is a way for new businesses to start a fresh website. In return for your new web design, we only ask for a testimonial from your business.

We are excited to work with new businesses like yours. You will get a fresh web design for your new business through our case study program. In return for your new web design, we only ask for a testimonial from your business. You can review and approve the draft of your statement, then we will publish it on our website.

Can I start with a ​small budget?

Case Study (Private Gym)

Yes, it is important to test ads before investing. Our latest campaign with Physique yielded great results. After our first meeting, Michael purchased the Silver Package. The ad lasted for 20 days. Michael picked a target audience of men and women, ages 35-65 within a radius of 10 miles around their studio. This targeted Instagram ad ran for 20 days. The Silver Package made $2,067 with only $1,280 ad spend.

What do other professionals think of SMA Brothers?

“Our website was dated and very slow. SMA Brothers improved our website speed and brought us up to 2021. Thank you SMA Brothers.”
Lee Palmer

Do you have another ​case study?

Case Study (Large Gym)

Your Fitness Gym:
Your Fitness Gym had great results. After our first meeting, Jamie ordered the Platinum Package. The ad was for a training promotion. The gym chose a target of women ages 25-45 within the radius of Atlanta, Ga.
This targeted Facebook/Instagram ad ran for 160 days. The packaged earned $5,027 with only $3,083 ad spend.

Can you show me more case studies?

Case Study (Restaurant)

Atlanta Pizza:
Our campaign results make our customers happy. After meeting with Joel, he chose the Trial Ad Package. The ad was for business loans. Joel requested an age range of 35-50 for their target audience, with a location in the greater Atlanta area.
This Instagram/Facebook ad ran for only 10 days. The business made $1,408 from a $400 ad spend.

Does every generation shop the same?

New businesses value our services.
As a start-up you will need a website, marketing, logo, banner, and social media profiles.
We offer many other services for new businesses.

Baby Boomers
​Shopping Habits

The Boomer generation is just too stressed for shopping trips. Colloquy reports that at a 27 percent response rate, Boomers were the least likely to agree with the statement, “I think shopping is a great way to relax,” when compared to all other generational groups. They also scored well below Millennials in terms of browsing the internet.

Generation Y (Millennials)
​Shopping Habits

Whether for social media, research, or purchases, Millennials use web devices in nearly every aspect of their lives, even while shopping in stores. 68 percent of Millennials demand the convenience of omni channel accessibility during their shopping journey, which means having an integrated experience that can effortlessly transition their consumer data from their smartphone, to laptop, to local store, and back again.